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We answered some frequently asked questions to help you before you start your application.

We answered some frequently asked questions to help you before you start your application.


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The general documents required are as follows:
1. application form
2. a copy of your passport
3. passport photo
4. certificate of graduation/graduation certificate
5. proof of financial support (account balance)
6. Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa to enter South Korea.

Additional documents for specific schools:
– proof of parents’ income (i.e: income statement) (if you don’t have personal income)
– Only required by Yonsei University: study plan document
– Only required by Hanyang University: proof of activities during gap period.
If there is a gap of more than 2 years after obtaining the final graduation certificate, documents proving what was done during that period must be submitted (E.g. submitting original documents such as career certificate or employment certificate)

It depends! It could take as short as two days, or as long as three weeks!
Sungkyunkwan University and INHA university will need notarization of your graduate documents; other universities do not require that. Hence, if you are interested in applying either schools, we would recommend for students to notarize their graduation documents before the registration is open as the notarization process takes at least two weeks! Other parts of the application, including proof of financial support, proof of activities during the gap period and filling in the application form can be finished in two days.

We are the official global recruiter for the Korean Language schools in seven universities located in South Korea.
Essentially the middleman between you and the school, our role is to help you ensure that your registration process is smooth and quick.
We will be the first to check your submitted documents, and inform you ASAP if there is anything that needs to be rectified or added. Once we have all the documents and information ready, it will be sent to the school directly, making your registration quick and efficient. We will also contact you ASAP if there are any problems with your application sent to the Korean Language school or if they require additional documents.
If you have any questions, we are always available through LINE to help you out!

Yes! After collecting all the registration forms and relevant documents from students, they will be directly handed over to the administrative office. This would save you a lot of unnecessary waiting time.

There is no application fee when you apply for the Korean language program from our partner schools through us. 

It typically takes around 7-10 business days from the submission of documents to the application acceptance from the school. After that, an invoice for the tuition fees will be issued. Once receiving the invoice, students should pay within the time frame given. After payment is confirmed, the official letter of enrolment will take approximately 7 to 10 business days to arrive. The above time frame is applicable only if the student’s documents are 100% correctly submitted. The process will be delayed inevitably if there is any documents missed out; hence we recommend for students to send their documents to us first for review before handling it in to the school.

According to the school rules, applicants must be 18 years old and above, and have at least a high school graduation certificate.

Of course! Every school has six to eight levels of difficulty; if you do not have any prior knowledge of Korean, you will be automatically put in Level 1 classes. For applicants with some prior knowledge of Korean, you will need to take a placement test (written and oral) before classes start and will be assigned to a class of your level of proficiency.

Most schools only require a scanned copy of your documents. The original paper documents may be requested by the school when you arrive in Korea. We will promptly remind applicants on what to do when the time comes.

Payment towards Kyunghee University is through bank-to-bank transfer. We are able to help with that process, saving you some overseas remittance fees! Other schools will set up a Korean wire account for each student for them to use to send money from overseas. Hence, in this case, the tuition fee is sent directly to the school.

We will help you with the registration process as much as we can and after receiving the letter of enrolment, students will
need to head down to their country’s Korean embassy themselves to apply for the D4 visa.

Of course! It is part of our job as the official recruitment centre to help apply for the dormitory too. Out of the seven universities we have relations with, Kyung Hee University, Sejong University, INHA University, Hanyang University, and Yonsei University do have dormitory spaces fo Korean Language learning students. Amongst them, we are able to provide priority access to Kyung Hee university’s dormitory.
For most schools, you may apply for the dormitory at the same time as your school application.
As for Yonsei University, you will need to apply separately, after the school has accepted your application.

If you are successfully accepted by the school, any questions you have (e.g: where to buy textbooks, how to get the Alien Registration Card, study plan, course fee refunds etc.) should be directed to the school’s administration department.

Depending on when the refund is applied, the percentage of course fee will be returned. (e.g: 100% of tuition before the session begins, 80% within the first week, 50% within the second week etc.) This is just a general guideline; all schools have different policies so you may have to refer to their official website for more details on their respective refund policies.

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